Contact Management Top 10 Best Practices

By August 27, 2020News

Let’s face it, connecting with prospects, customers, and people is the lifeline of every organization. We are in the people and communications business long before we make our first widget or provide a service.
Call Centers, agents, and how we communicate are changing dramatically. Those that adapt thrive and the others… well…, become extinct. The move to virtual at-home models was a race that began years ago and has now been turbocharged by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The current “Corona Culture” is creating a need for a different business model and it points home.
Unbridled Connect is a company that is poised for exponential success because it was prepared for the current situation years before it happened. For 5 years now they have been running successful virtual call centers. The team has over 150 years of combined experience and has become an industry expert with hundreds of virtual operators at their disposal. This was a strategic choice for them and not a reaction to the current state.
Here are their Top 10 Best Practices for Contact Management.
1. Have a purpose & Change People’s lives
We need to impact people’s lives before we sell a product or service. Without purpose, everything dies. Purpose breathes life into what you do.
2. Use an At-Home solution
With quality management systems in place scheduling, tracking, and monitoring a quality virtual contact network is easy.
3. Blazing Internet Speed
Super-fast Internet and top-quality computer equipment allows for great communication experiences. Pro Wireless headsets provide great sound quality during conversations.
4. A Designated Workspace.
Creating a distraction-free zone improves quality on every call. Customers don’t want to hear dogs in the background and workers need a focused space.
5. Record the interaction
Today it is easy to record the conversations and even what happens on the computer screen. Listening to past interactions provides great training and coaching opportunities. This also means that when we are representing a third party they can see/hear exactly what their customers are experiencing.
6. Great Training and Supervisor Escalation
Create great operators and you then create great customer experiences. Networking agents with a team of veteran experts mean the answer is always close at hand.
7. Keep the Virtual Team connected
Virtual does not mean disconnected. Create zoom meetings and other ways to keep workers connected. Ask for feedback and how the agents think things are going. Games and contests can provide virtual agents with an experience that improves team performance. Occasionally get the team together in person.
8. Provide a “Made in America” solution
Today it is possible to answer calls across the entire United States, by Americans for American businesses without offshoring any calls. This provides quality excellence, a higher level of control, and cultural relevance.
9. Expand your diversity and talent pool
America is greatly diverse and provides all the special skills we need for our clients. By using more than 20 virtual markets you can create multilingual operators, increase diversity, and still keep all the calls within our nation.
10. Continuity and Redundancy
Backups and redundancy across multiple markets means that calls rarely if ever go down. If and when a problem exist the system routes the call to an operator in another market location within the United States. This provides a great solution for disaster recovery plans.
We continually hear about the new normal and our need to deploy adaptive leadership principles. How we stay connected to our customers also needs to evolve. At-Home virtual call networks are providing customers with a better experience, reducing costs, and creating safe environments for the operators.
Unbridled Connect is a company that can provide these solutions for you. If you are interested you can reach out to them by visiting their website at or by calling (877) 910-7110

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